Financial Planning Fees

With a flexible approach to providing services, Table Rock Financial Planning will define the scope of our work to meet your needs and budget. After an initial, no-charge get-acquainted meeting you will be provided with a firm quote for your project, based on the estimated time for completion.

Table Rock is a fee-only registered investment advisor and financial planning firm, accepting no sales commissions, referral fees, or third party incentives based on our recommendations. A signed client services agreement and deposit are required to start the planning work, and final payment by check is due upon completion.

Below are some examples of common advisory engagements and their typical cost ranges.

  • Financial Check-Up: $450–$900

    This is an overview of your current financial situation, with the goal of keeping you on track for meeting your life objectives. Table Rock can help you organize your finances, set priorities, and get moving in the right direction. The check-up will often include simple investment planning.

  • Simple Investment Plan: $375–$725

    For those just starting out or with relatively simple portfolios, Table Rock will help you to establish a sound investment strategy appropriate for your age, resources, objectives and risk tolerance. We will guide you in making the most of your employer retirement plans (401k, 403b, etc), IRAs, along with other savings and investment options. With education and coaching from Table Rock you can become a capable, confident, cost-effective investor.

  • Asset Allocation and Investment Plan: $750–$1,450

    For those with multiple accounts and somewhat larger portfolios, we will direct the establishment of a sensible investment strategy focused on sound principles of asset allocation, diversification, tax efficiency, and low cost. Table Rock will assist in coordinating your employer 401k/403b plans with your IRAs and taxable accounts, making the most of the investment opportunities available to you. For cost effectiveness, the investment recommendations will be designed for you to implement on your own through an agreed-upon discount broker. (If you prefer to delegate the management of your portfolio, Table Rock offers Investment Management Services.)

  • Retirement Planning Projection: $850–$1,450

    Are you on track for retirement? This detailed analysis, generally intended for people their mid 40′s to early 60′s, will help establish a reasonable roadmap to meet your retirement objectives. Different analytical techniques and multiple "what if" scenarios will be employed to determine preferred strategies and actions for you to retire with adequate financial security.

  • Retirement Income Planning: $750–$1,500

    Are you about to retire, but need assistance planning for your income needs? Table Rock will help you develop a sensible strategy to make the most of your Social Security and pension benefits, along with a safe withdrawal plan from your retirement accounts. Focus will be on ensuring your money will last your lifetime, including contingency planning for emergencies, medical and long term care.

  • Detailed Financial Plan: $1,800–$2,900

    This is an in-depth analysis of your financial situation, and includes both the Retirement Planning Projection and the Asset Allocation and Investment Plan. The elements of the plan will depend on your unique circumstances, but will likely include a review of your insurance and college savings needs, along with debt reduction and tax savings opportunities. A detailed financial plan is a worthwhile investment in your financial security and peace of mind.

The above information is for general reference and discussion purposes only. A signed and dated Financial Planning Services Agreement is the only official source of fee quotes and the only binding offer of service recognized by Table Rock Financial Planning. Actual fee estimates may differ due to specific client requirements.