Investment Management Services

For clients who prefer to delegate the management of their portfolios, Table Rock Financial Planning offers ongoing investment management services. Some people, although perfectly capable of handling the buying, selling, and tracking of securities in their portfolio, have determined they have higher priority tasks on which to spend their time. Other clients delegate the management of their investment portfolio when their particular circumstances make it difficult to do so for themselves or have determined through experience that they are emotionally unsuited for disciplined investing. Whichever the reason, Table Rock provides a solution within a transparent, fee-only business model.

Starting with the development of an overall financial plan, Table Rock works with the client to establish the objectives and investing parameters for the portfolio. After these guidelines are documented in an investment policy statement (IPS), we manage the ongoing implementation and conduct periodic reviews with the client. In between scheduled reviews, Table Rock is available for consultation on other financial planning issues for investment management clients.

In order to ensure the integrity of this process, Table Rock Financial Planning never has custody of client assets. Assets are always held in the client’s name at third party custodians (e.g. discount brokers) who provide monthly statements directly to the client. The client gives Table Rock permission to initiate trades on their behalf in accordance with the IPS, but the firm is unable to withdraw funds from the client account. (One exception is that with the client’s authorization the custodian will deduct the payment of investment management fees per the established contract.)

If you want to discuss having Table Rock Financial Planning manage your investment portfolio, contact us for a free, no-obligation appointment.

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