Financial Planning Services

Table Rock Financial Planning has a flexible approach in offering comprehensive financial planning services—working by the hour, by the project, or on an ongoing basis. Whether you are seeking to establish a continuing relationship with an advisor you can trust or simply require a one-time planning engagement, Table Rock can accommodate you.

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  • A financial check-up or validation of your current strategy
  • Creation of a workable spending and savings plan
  • A review and potential makeover of your investment portfolio
  • An objective second opinion regarding specific investments, financial products, or plans
  • Analysis of particular questions, such as “Should we pay off the house?” or “How much life insurance do I need?” or “Should we purchase long term care insurance?”
  • Specific plans for major goals, college funding, or retirement
  • A comprehensive financial plan—looking at all areas of your financial life

Specific areas of advice include:

  • Establishing financial priorities and goals
    • What do we want to accomplish as a family? What are our values and priorities?
    • Finances are about making choices—what are your guidelines for making trade-offs?
  • Creating your financial roadmap
    • What should we be doing first? What should we be doing next?
    • When are we ready to buy a house, invest in the stock market, etc?
  • Cash flow and debt management
    • How do we get out of debt?
    • How do we start saving on a consistent basis?
  • Education funding
    • How much do we need to be saving? How should we invest this money?
    • We haven’t saved enough, now what?
  • Retirement planning
    • How much money do I need to retire? When can I retire?
    • How much do we need to be saving and investing? How do we invest wisely?
    • How do I manage my nest egg during retirement?
  • Tax management
    • How do I save and invest in a tax-efficient manner?
    • Are there other honest strategies to help us save on taxes?
  • Risk management and insurance
    • How much and what types of insurance do we need?
    • When should we self-insure?
  • Estate planning
    • What planning is necessary to make things as easy as possible on those I leave behind?
    • Do I need to be concerned about estate taxes?
  • Investments
    • How do I diversify my investments for minimizing risk and maximizing return?
    • How do I select investments in a cost-effective, tax-efficient manner?

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